Foods High in Vitamin D – Health Benefits Of Vitamin D

Many people do not realize the importance of Vitamin D in human body. They take it as a sunshine vitamin as our body naturally absorbs it when we are exposed to the sun. However in today’s world we generally do not get that much of sun exposure due to spending most of our times in houses, workplaces, cars or shopping malls. Many people develop Vitamin D deficiency for the same reason. Studies have shown that there are some high vitamin D foods also that provide efficient amount of this vitamin. Keeping in mind the health problems that the deficiency of vitamin D can cause to the body you should take proper diet that enables vitamin D intake in sufficient amount.The most common and widely known source of vitamin D in food is through animal products like milk and eggs. Egg yolk is considered to contain Vitamin D in moderate amount. If you take an egg daily then it will provide you 10% of Vitamin D in your diet. It can also be found in fish oil. Sardine fishes that are found in tins easily nowadays can provide you almost 70 % of Vitamin D daily. Fresh caught tuna in 3 ounces can be taken to supply about 50% of Vitamin D that your body requires daily. Herring and cat fish are also found to be good sources of Vitamin D because they feed on plankton which is a part of sea life and creates Vitamin D from sunlight in good amount. Some other sources of this vitamin are mackerel and sockeye salmon.Studies have also proved that vitamin D can also be found in dried shiitake mushrooms in excessive amount. These mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D because of sucking sunlight. But for using shiitake mushrooms to supply Vitamin D to the body make sure that you get mushrooms that have dried up under the sun naturally and not by any artificial means. Only shiitake mushrooms dried under the sun will enable you to take benefits from Vitamin D effectively.Hence we need to take in high vitamin D foods to fulfill our body needs. Our body needs Vitamin D for bone growth and development and for maintaining calcium in the body. It is also responsible for leveling blood flow. Vitamin D deficiency can cause certain health problems and diseases in your body and can even form cancer in some parts.

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