Have You Seen the Cute Japanese Iwako Eraser Sets?

Japanese Iwako Erasers are the new craze with school age kids. It started with the Hamster Eraser and has grown to over 450 different types including some limited editions that are already getting hard to find.They usually range from 34 inch to 2 inches in size depending on the design and are fast becoming collectibles. With five categories including animal erasers, western food erasers, Japanese food erasers, toy erasers including cars, planes sports and more and garden erasers with fruit vegetable, and flowers. There is literally thousands of combinations being sold. You can buy most individually or in eraser sets and they have large eraser collections for when you need a lot of these adorable little erasers.Along with being very high rated for their eraseablilty they are also lead, naphthalene, and paint free and also non toxic, non PVC, and contain no latex. Japanese Iwako Erasers are produced in a factory that is environmentally aware and they are recyclable along with their packaging and are assembled by hand.Teachers and parents are following the craze to finding them great for gifts, incentives and teaching tools along with starting their own collections. You are able to take apart any erasers that have more than one color and they make great accessories for doll houses and scrap booking, Coaches are finding the sport erasers great for gift for their teams and parents.Everyone should have a look at these adorable Japanese Eraser. There is something for everyone and its hard not to want them for yourself. Great gifts for co workers or that hard to but person. They can be hard to find in stores but if you ask sometimes they can order them in for you. The best place to find them in On line.

If you want to see more about these adorable Japanese Erasers Click Here

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