6 Main Points That Sunshine Act Training Entails

Sunshine Act Training courses are offered by numerous healthcare training companies and they help make the healthcare system more transparent and prevent manufactures of medical supplies or physicians from abusing their powers. However, it might be difficult for a healthcare professional to understand what these courses are really about before joining one. Listed below is some information that will help you comprehend what Sunshine Act training courses really entail and that may help you decide enroll in such a course.• First of all, healthcare professionals attending a Sunshine Act Training course will learn that the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, the name it is legally referred to, became a law in 2010 under the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. The act states that any Purchasing Organization which buys or negotiates the purchase of a covered drug, biological product (tissue, blood, or vaccines), medical device or any other type of medical product, is obliged to disclose any gifts or payments made to physicians.• All of the information above has to be presented in an annual report the agency sends to the Congress and State, and should include information such as date of the payment, amount, and the nature of the payment (cash, gifts, or other). All of the payments and gifts from the previous years should be included in this report. Manufactures of drugs, medical devices and biological products are also required to disclose the company’s name and address, apart from the amounts of the payments.• Apart from these above stated payments, agencies also have to disclose any payment under product development agreements and any services offered in connection to the development of a new pill, medical device, or biological product.• Healthcare professionals attending Sunshine Act training courses will also learn that payments that amount to less than $10 do not have to be reported, as long as the total sum transferred between the two parties does not exceed $100 a year.• The Sunshine Act also carries several penalties if an agency fails to report a certain payment or gift. Additionally, there also exists a penalty for knowingly failing to disclose payment information. These penalties can range from $10,000 up to $100,000, according to the amount of the undisclosed payment.• Last but not least, although Sunshine Act training courses are primarily intended for vendors or medical products manufacturers that work with hospital or clinics, it is important for physician to be aware of this act, as it directly involves them as well.The information presented above should act as guideline, because certain states have a particular approach to the Sunshine Act, and the regulations may differ a little. The values of the payments that need to be disclosed as well as the penalties for agencies that fail to report may also differ, according to the legislation of each state. Nonetheless, when it comes to Sunshine Act training courses, the points presented in this article are the most important aspects that any healthcare professional should be aware of.

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