10 Step Oil Change for Your Vehicle

In the last 10 years the price of changing a car’s oil has skyrocketed across the nation. While every once in a while you can find a special offer for under $20, most places are not charging between $30-$60 for a basic oil change. Not only is this a ridiculous amount of money for a simple car maintenance task, but is something that can be easily done with the right tools. Instead of paying these high prices, more and more people are changing their own oil. Here is a simple guide to changing your car’s oil.Tools you will need3/8 drive socket set
Combination wrench set
Oil filter wrench
Oil pan
2 empty gallon containers
Surgical gloves
New oil filter
New oil
Jack standsAfter you have gathered all of your tools you can now start the oil change process. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing your car’s oil.Step 1: Warm up your car by going on a 5 minute drive; make sure to turn on your heater while you are driving to get all of the oil heated. Doing this makes your oil thin so it is able to be removed easier. After driving around find a nice level spot to park your car and turn it off. Let it cool down for a few minutes as you gather your tools and prepare for the oil change.Step 2: Put on your safety break and put rocks behind your tires in case of an emergency. You can now slide under your car and locate your oil drain plug. If you cannot fit under your car or are uncomfortable with the car on the ground you can raise the car with a jack. It is a MUST that you use jack stands on your car at this point, as it could easily slip off of the jack and crush you. Do not go any further if you do not have safe, reliable jack stands available to use.Step 3: After finding the oil drain you can use your socket to loosen the drain plug. When loosening this do not loosen all the way or oil will spill out. You can loosen it with your fingers after you get it started with the socket, but don’t take the cap off just yetStep 4: You can now spread out newspapers and put your oil pan under the drain plug. At this time you can now loosen the plug all of the way and set it aside as the oil drains out.Step 5: You can then remove the oil filler cap under the hood as you let all of the oil drain out. It is good to wait approximately 1 hour to let everything drain as you want to start with all new oil.Step 6: After you let everything drain it is time to put in the new oil filter. With a rag you can wipe off the round metal circle where the oil filter fits and then thread the new filter on. You can tighten this with your fingers as you don’t need it super tight.Step 7: Next you can thread the drain plug back into its hole and tighten it with a socket. You can now take the oil drain pan and the empty milk jug and funnel. Pour the oil into the milk jug and then seal the top with the lid.Step 8: You can now fill use your funnel in the oil filler hole and pour in as many quarts as your vehicle takes. After pouring the in the oil you can discard of empty oil containers and check the dipstick to see if the oil level is high enough.Step 9: After completing all the tasks, check to make sure all plugs and drains are on tight and start your engine. Let the car run for 5 minutes and check for any leaks.Step 10: Make sure to dispose of oil and materials properly as they are toxic. Look online or in the telephone book for your closest oil recycling center.This is a cheap quick way of changing your oil. Once you pay for the initial tools, if you don’t already own them the only cost will be buying oil. In the long run changing your oil will save you tons of money over paying high prices at your local garage.

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