How to Buy the Most Suitable In-Dash CD Changer

Maybe the most suitable question to begin with is why you might want an in-dash CD changer in the first place. A CD changer has with a bunch of advantages, and people use it for various reasons. For example, you might drive a leased car and want to keep the car’s non-CD radio, but also have the option to play CDs. Or you might want to use a cassette as well as a CD player. Or maybe you are usually taking longer car rides and do not want to be listening to the same songs over and over again.Looking for CDs yourself while driving is not very safe, and you may not be able to stop the car whenever you have to change the CD. An in-dash CD changer does the work for you, and you can drive for days without having to listen to the same track twice. Plus, an in-dash CD changer also keeps your discs organized, so they don’t get damaged. You can put it in the truck or under the seat, so it does not catch the eye of burglars either.Now depending on your priorities, you can choose between different types of disc changers. For instance, if you are driving a leased car and already have a built-in radio, you may not want to replace it with a CD player. Then the right option is to pick an add-on CD changer. This device uses an FM frequency to play your discs, without interfering with other radio frequencies. It has its own control/display panel, which is usually much easier to use than the radio’s own controller. Also, some of them display CD titles and file names. Another great thing about add-on changers is that they are much lower-priced than other in-dash CD changers. And if you buy a new car later on, you can just move it on your new one without any problems.If you already have a stereo, a receiver/changer combo might be the right way to go. This way you can enjoy both the high quality and performance of an after-market stereo, and the convenience of an in-dash CD changer. This one can also be easily moved from one car to another.Here are some of the things you might want to take into account when comparing various CD changers. Some in-dash changers have disc titling, which can make it very easy to locate the tracks you want to listen to. Another great feature is shock protection, especially for off-road driving or cars with stiff suspension. CD changers that have it store up some data in advance, like in a reservoir. If you go over a bump that makes your CD skip, the CD player uses that data. Also, all CD changers can play CD-R formats, but some do not read CD-RW discs. You may want to pick one that can play rewritables as well, especially if you write your own discs. Moreover, if you want to download music from your PC, buy a disc changer that can decode MP3 files. This way you can store up to 10 hours of music on a single CD.Whichever option is best for you, an in-dash CD changer will make listening to music while driving much more convenient and fun. Your CDs will no longer be lying all over your car floor, but will be nicely organized and ready to be played.

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