A Guide to Choosing Car Insurance For an 18-Year-Old

Most young people today are learning to drive at an early age. Well, driving your own vehicle is handy for students to get themselves to school each day and to their favorite hangouts after. Most of these students are driving their parent’s car while some are fortunate enough to be provided with their own. In usual cases, the cars that these students are driving are insured by their parents. They are being covered by the insurance policy as extensions to their parents’ coverage. But as these students leave high school for the university, it has been deemed practical to switch from being insured as an additional driver to their parent’s insurance policy to having their own student car insurance. Though, most students as being carefree don’t attend to these matters. Most do not understand the importance of having their vehicles insured, and most have the common misconception about insurance – that it is after all expensive. Expensive or not, protection is always a good investment.Now, you might be asking what kind of insurance a student needs. Like any other auto insurance, this also have different types of coverage. Here are some of these policies:Third Party Only -This will respond to claims made to you after an accident. Claims such as the injury you have brought upon other people on the accident and the damages to their property.Third Party, Fire and Theft – This will provide basic protection as to the first policy but has additional coverage in the event that your vehicle will be stolen or damaged by fire.Comprehensive – This policy as the name suggest covers a student comprehensively. This will cover your liability – injury and damages inflicted to the other party; plus this policy will also cover for your personal belongings and the necessary medical expenses.Those three policies are just the basics, there are a lot more depending on the insurance company. But in general, in order to save some bucks but to have the most necessary coverage, having the Third Party Only and the Third Party, Fire and Theft is the most suited choice for every student for these come cheaper.Generally speaking, the price you will have to pay for student car insurance policy will also depend on some other factors like your driving record, the type of car you drive, its mileage and the way you used it. To have the most possible cheaper insurance quote, you may be placed well if you would inquire to your insurance provider and ask all the necessary questions and raise queries on everything they will offer.

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